What Are the Best Squash Rackets You Can Buy?

When considering that squash is played on over 50,000 courts across the globe, it appears as no real surprise to see the thriving interest in accessories and products necessary to play the game. Especially when it comes to squash rackets, people are always searching for one that will suit them best. Hence, brand names and vendors of squash equipment are constantly at work to design more sophisticated variations of rackets in an attempt to serve the demands of each player, regardless of what his/her technique of playing, preferred weight and balance spread. There are a range of high quality brand names offered to professional and team players, it’s imperative for them to know of the best rackets that are available.

Which are the best squash rackets right now?

Listed here is a list of the best squash rackets at the moment because of their premium quality and expanding demand:

Head Liquidmetal 120:

This offering from Head is made up of a head heavy balance model and among the least heavy constructions in high-end rackets at 120g. The Liquidmetal 120 is identified by its graphite material, which has been bolstered by way of the addition of the trademark liquidmetal in 4 positions. The Liquidmetal 120 stands apart to the rest with their minimization of energy loss every time the ball is hit by the squash racquet.

Harrow Vapor Squash Racket:

This Harrow Vapor has become the perfect decision for players who desire a durable, high quality racket which makes it possible for greater command over the shots. Boasting a small frame size, lightweight composition of 140g and hard exterior, people can take advantage of improved grip and maneuverability using the Harrow Vapor Squash Racket. The AshwaySupernick XL Micro strings, being one of the different parts of its heavy-head style, guarantee incredible bounce and strike.

With all these remarkable features combined in one racket, it is no wonder that the racket is supported by competitors playing at all levels of the game, from the novice to World Class professional.

Dunlop Aerogel 4D Elite:

Marginally less heavy than the Harrow Vapor at 135g, the Aerogel 4D Elite is seen as a hot selling squash racket from Dunlop and it’s also a good choice for players at mid-level or leading-edge levels of the sport. Its light-head design, head size of 500 sq.cm and wide beam framework enable it to be straightforward to grip and be in charge of the power of a shot.

Harrow Jonathan Power Custom Spark Squash Racket:

The Harrow Jonathan Power Custom Spark combines the best elements that one can desire to have in just about any racket – The construction and head design of Harrow Vapor, enhanced multi-fold utilizing the insights of squash legend Jonathan Power, who himself is an acknowledged champion of the Harrow brand. This racket sets itself apart from the rest as a result of substantial quality and amazingly light construction, weighing just 135g. It could very well be the foundation upon which rackets follow throughout the next several years.

Wilson Blade BLX:

A 135g lightweight yet high performance squash racket, the Blade BLX is one of the newly launched squash racquets from Wilson and symbolizes the mastery of BLX-based rackets that the company is renowned for. Very easy to move around by having a head size of 498 sq.cm, Wilson Blade BLX is a great match for competitors seeking extreme, high-velocity matches.

Harrow Stealth Squash Racket:

In the event the name Harrow has become affiliated with any kind of squash racquet, it’s possible to be guaranteed the best quality. This is certainly crystal clear from the reality that professional players like ex- world number one and squash legend Jonathan Power, world number 17 Adrian Grant, ladies world # 2 Raneem El Weleily and women’s world number 13 Kasey Brown have chosen and approved Harrow.

The Harrow Stealth Squash Racket is another masterwork from the house of Harrow that defines the firms determination when it comes to providing perfectly crafted and long-lasting rackets to squash participants at each and every level. A little bit denser in structure compared to the Harrow Vapor Squash Racket at 145g, this racquet offers a head balance of 375mm with 27lbs. Supernick Micro strings.

Dunlop Aerogel Ultimate World Open Racket:

The Dunlop Aerogel Ultimate racquet is considered as a suitable option for participants for the intermediate or professional levels of the sport. Using a fairly light mass of 137g comprising a head-heavy balance of 500 sq.cm, this Dunlop racket model is seen as a force to reckon with. While its strings come manufacturer-fitted, players can decide to get them customized by paying an added $30.

The Verdict:

Among the list of fabulous rackets noted through this article, the Harrow Vapor takes our selection as the best squash racket. Considering it’s the best-selling Harrow squash racket of all time, the Vapor continues to be unequalled with regards to the smaller specifics of its structure and exceptional durability.

Finishing off the two best squash rackets, the Vapor is closely pursued by the Harrow Jonathan Power Custom Spark Racket, which oozes finesse in just about every sense of the word and echos the mastery of former World Champion Jonathan Power.